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Spanish work should be turned in today along with all the other materials. Please make sure that it is not with all the materials going o their teacher, if they could be placed in their own bag that would be great!
Thank you, Senorita Walker






This is just a quick announcement for my 4-7th grade students 

Hello 4th-7th student and families,
Spanish and Music have collaborated on a Spanish Song Project for the 2nd-floor classes. We do realize that this can be a stressful and nerve-wracking assignment so we will be extending this project for another week until Friday, May 22nd, and will reevaluate this date if needed. This week and next the Spanish and Music class Zoom meetings will be for those who need help with this project. If students are uneasy sharing their work within the Zoom meetings, they can reach out individually and we can support from there. If students need more time than the project has allotted, please email or and we can happily discuss some flexibility within the assignment.
Thank you!

 Welcome Back from break everyone! I have added this weeks assignments under the class info! please make sure that you read and follow the instructions. If you should have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me! As always I hope that you all have an amazing week! I miss seeing everyone's Bright smiling faces! i have also left the last assignments below, so if you should need to finish anything up it is there for you!

Miss you all, 

Senorita Walker   

I am also starting Zoom Meetings. I will Post the link here and on Bloomz. It will be the same reoccurring meeting each week. below is My weekly Zoom Schedule: 

Zoom Meeting Schedule: Spanish- (attendance encouraged, if times do not work for you, we can arrange a meeting time that does, just email me at or )


            1030-11am = Kindergarten

            1130am-1230pm = 6th/7th Grade

            1-145pm = 2nd Grade


            9am-10am = 4th Grade

            1030-1130am = 3rd Grade

            1230-1pm = 1st Grade

            130-230pm = 5th Grade


            Open for Individual Meetings


            Open for Individual meetings


Planning Day




Week of April 13, 2020

Kindergarten- I want you to make note cards, please take those body parts names and draw a pictures for each, but lets make this fun! make a silly picture for each body part, please make sure you add some color to these pictures! 

1st Grade-  I want you to finish up this last part of the packet. 

2nd Grade- I want you to use this week to finish up your note cards and anything else you may need to finish up! Rockalingua is always encouraged!

3rd Grade- I Want you to finish up anything that you may need to finish before spring break. If you are all caught up, please just play games on

4th-7th Grade-  want you to take this time to finish up any pages in your packet you may need to. I believe we should still have 3 pages left to finish. Dont worry about those right now. Please just work on catching up if you need to. If you are all caught up, please make sure you are logging in and playing at least 1-2 games on rockalingua. com. Parents (4-7), I will be emailing you about a good time to meet with the students. I am going to try and start it after spring break and make it a once a week thing until school gets out in June. Please keep an eye out for my email! 


 This weeks assignments are meant to be easy this week. We are so close to spring break I want to make sure that you as families are able to put the school work aside and enjoy the outdoors! If you have questions and need to video chat please feel free to email me and we can set up a time. 


Have a Blessed Week! 

Senorita Walker  




Week of April 6, 2020

Kindergarten- I want you to continue practicing your Body parts, Los Partes del Cuerpo.  This week draw a Monster. make sure that he has arms, legs, nose, ears, eye(s) and hair or Pelo (peh-low). Color your monster and be creative! when you are finished tell me HOW MANY of each body part your monster has (ex: Uno ojo, dos bocas... one eye, two mouths.) dont forget to tell me what color fur/hair or PELO your monster has (ex: pelo Verde.. Green hair). Have fun with this project and don't forget to practice the song from youtube


 1st Grade- continue working on you 'Mi Familia packets! And don't forget to continue playing your games on Rockalingua. 


2nd Grade- Please start working on weather. I have unlocked the Rockalingua material and am leaving a list of words below. This week what I would like you to do is make your own weather vocab book! 'El Tiempo' draw a picture that will help you remember what each word means! (6 words per page) there are 16 words total. Please dont feel overwhelmed. If you can get at least 8 done by the end of the week that will be great, if you do decide to do all 16 then that is fine too!


Note cards

Hace sol- it’s sunny

Hace calor- It’s hot

Hace Frio- It’s cold

Nube- cloud

Cielo- sky

Hay nubes/nuboso- it’s cloudy

Tormenta- thunder storm

Hace buen tiempo- nice weather

Hace mal tiempo- bad weather

Lluvia- rain

Esta lloviendo/llueve- it ’s raining/to rain

Nieve- snow

Esta nevando/nieva- it’s snowing/to snow

Hace viento- it’s windy

Hay niebla/neblina- it’s foggy

Rayo/relampago- bolt of lightning/lightning