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I am delighted to join the teaching staff at St. Thomas School for the 2020-2021 year in the junior high (grades six through eight) program, and am also enjoy joining the fifth-graders for their Religion lessons!

My classes include the following:

  • Grades 7  &  8 Homeroom:  Religion, Language Arts, Literature, Early U.S. History
  • Grade 6:  Social Studies (World History)
  • Grade 5:  Religion

Many years ago, my children all attended St. Thomas School, and my returning here to teach has reinforced that those decisions made about their schooling were the right ones to make -- just as much as knowing that the parents of each of my students can be reassured of their decisions!  We walk through our faith journey together in this school, and the academics are meaningful and rigorous!

My prior career educational experiences include earning a Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude with special honors in history, from the former Nasson College in Springvale.  This was followed by an intensive twelve-month Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.  My professional career of thirty-eight years involved teaching at the high school level; initially, I taught at Westbrook High School, Stearns High School (Millinocket, ME), and Mt. View High School (Thorndike, ME).  I returned to teach at Sanford High School in 1984, with all but four of my years there as a social studies teacher. For five years, I also helped coordinate two educational grants.  My entire career history is available on the "About Me" page.

Although I served on the school board at St. Thomas School many years ago, my volunteering here began the very day after I retired from Sanford High, in June of 2018.  That fall, I served again on the school board and began volunteering in the junior high program for a few months, and returned again the following fall of 2019.  From late last winter until early in the fall, I served as the school's Interim Principal.

I look forward to working with my students and watching them develop educationally and spiritually while they make their journey through these junior high years!


Martin M. McKeon
St. Thomas Consolidated Catholic School
    Grade 7&8 Faith, US History, ELA
    Grade 6 World History
    Grade 5 Faith

Brown University M.A.T.
Nasson College B.A. summa cum laude
Maine 2008 Teacher of the Year / Sanford 2007 Teacher of the Year
Retired Social Studies Teacher - Sanford High School