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    Welcome to Pre-K

 In this classroom you will see a lot of activity and what looks like kids just playing!!  Well, they definitely are playing but a lot more is going on while they play.

 You see, academics is simply the subject matter. Play is a method for teaching, and learning is the outcome.

We know from research that young children learn best when they are allowed to be hands-on, explore, play, and construct knowledge. We also know that, developmentally, they need social play to build vital social-emotional skills. This is why, in our program, we work to preserve play in order for kids to learn. We also believe that in order to teach effectively through play, we, as teachers, must be aware, prepared, and plan with intention.

We have to know the subject matter in order to effectively use the method. Play is a powerful teaching tool, but that doesn’t make it a simple teaching tool. When we prepare the environment, foster inquiry, respond to interests, and support curiosity, we  guide some powerful “academic” learning.

Academics is the subject. Play is the method. Learning is the outcome.